The 2021 ISAA Symposium has been postponed until 24th to 29th, April, 2022. We are also committed to a long-term plan to build our society upon more engagement, learning opportunities on new trends, and much improved content on our website in non-symposium years. Bringing about such change requires some reflection on how the Network uses our sponsorship funds.

ISAA 2021 Symposium Sponsorship Opportunities

We are pleased to announce the following sponsorship opportunities for the ISAA Symposium in Bordeaux, France.

Become a Member

We want to help you spread out your commitment to ISAA 2021 in yearly installments as a new ISAA Agrochemical Network Sustaining Member. Participating sponsors will receive

  • recognition at any extra events and content that we develop and host between now and the ISAA 2022 symposium (such as various webinars on new trends in the ag chem business)
  • extended recognition on an improved ISAA website
  • 5 complimentary individual memberships to the new ISAA Agrochemical Network

Note that your recognition will also be tiered according to your contribution as shown below.

Build Credit

We would also like to help our sponsors build credit for ISAA 2022. We will credit you an annual membership and a dollar-for-dollar credit toward

  • the ISAA 2022 standard sponsorship levels
  • toward meeting the commitments for the ISAA 2022 Diamond Partner auction, or
  • toward any Network event in the interim.

Also, sponsors who pay the earliest and maintain their payment schedule will be given priority in the ISAA 2020 Trade Show booth selection process. If you are already a Sustaining Member through your generous payment in 2017, your status and order in these processes are retained.

Payment Schedule

Target ISAA 2022
Sponsorship level
First Payment Second and Third
Gold US $10,000 US $10,000
Silver and below US $5,000 US $5,000
ISAA Agrochemical
Network Annual
Membership (valued
at US $2,000)
Included Included annually as
subsequent payments
are met

We would like to accept your pledge and payment as soon as possible for planning and re-establishment of our incorporation and website (www.isaanetwork.org). We are sure your planning processes will benefit as well.  Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected], or our ISAA 2020 Chair, David Cameron at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We wish you continued success from the relationship that you have built with the ISAA Agrochemical Network.  Thank you for your consideration!

Solito Sumulong

ISAA Agrochemical Network President
David Cameron

ISAA 2020 Chair and ISAA Agrochemical Network Vice-President